Lovin’ Feelings

A month has passed since moving into the new house. One of my favorite features? It has three bedrooms; meaning one for Victor’s hobby (guitars), one for mine (sewing) and one for us both.  While the desk is not the ideal size, I love the fact that I can keep the sewing machine set up all the time and take a few minutes here and there to sew. Victor loves the fact that all of my creative endeavors are contained to one room instead of taking over the kitchen table.

My new "craft" room

My new “craft” room

I, along with Berna, also love the fact that we have an actual front and backyard.  The tomato, cilantro and basil plants that were cultivated on the apartment balcony have found a new home in the front yard (the backyard belongs exclusively to “Bernadette the Destroyer of Plants”).  They have yet to be transplanted into the ground, but there is a small pepper plant that has sprouted (from seeds saved from a grocery store pepper) and hopefully more will appear soon.

Baby pepper plant. Jalapeno or Sweet? Will be a surprise!

Baby pepper plant. Jalapeno or Sweet? Will be a surprise!

Cilantro gone to seed

Cilantro gone to seed

Tomato Plant

Tomato Plant

Basil plant aka Luca

Basil plant aka Luca

Speaking of love, instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day, Victor got me  mint plant and rosemary plant to add to the growing front yard garden.

New Valentine's Mint plant aka Jule(p)

New Valentine’s Mint plant aka Jule(p)

New Valentine's Rosemary plant aka Mattathias

New Valentine’s Rosemary plant aka Mattathias

Tune in tomorrow for a WIP Wednesday update on my “What the Hex” quilt! .

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