#TBT: Star Quilt

Quilting on my “What the Hex” quilt has been slow going. It’s very time consuming and almost overwhelming to quilt the intricate designs for a twin size quilt with only a walking foot on a domestic machine. While I am excited of what has been accomplished and that I am nearing the final stages, I’ve also become a bit impatient with how slowly progress is made. Still I ” just keep quilting”.

I thought it would be fun to do a “Throwback Thursday” post and show one of my projects that was completed before creating this blog. It’s a nice reflection for myself as it’s easier to see how my quilting designs have evolved over the years.

I have been technically quilting for over 10 years, yet the number of projects I have finished is embarrassingly low. Being a mostly self-taught quilter, learning the tips, tricks & techniques have come from avidly reading quilting blogs, Craftsy classes, and advice from my few quilting friends.

Like many quilters, I started quilting with learning to assemble the traditional “Log Cabin” block.  This was great for learning how to chain piece and allowed freedom in layout choices by not needing a set design at the onset of the project.

This “Star Quilt” is actually the second quilt top I ever assembled, but I did not get around to the quilting part until many years later. I had an Eleanore Burns “Quilt in a Day” book to guide me and played around with the layout many times.  Why I settled on this layout, I cannot remember and if I had it to do over again I would definitely change it.

Top pieced and ready to quilt

Top pieced, borders attached, ready to quilt


It was intended to be a quilt for my X-Long twin bed in the dorms at the University of Arizona; however it was not finished until 2013 (almost 5 years after I graduated). It kind of reminds me of a Lisa Frank inspired quilt, the colors of which were determined by the star fabric I stole from my mother.

Inspiration fabric

Inspiration fabric


This was one of the first quilts I did any “free” motion quilting on on a “medium” arm machine. I say “free” because I followed a set swirl pattern and the “medium” arm machine was a PFAFF set on a large frame that was available at my workplace.  It was a learning experience in speed, getting comfortable with the motions and making sure to always put the presser foot down (I can’t tell you how many times I had to tear out a section of stitching because of this).

Always remember to put the presser foot DOWN!

Always remember to put the presser foot DOWN!

Contrasting with the colorful front is a plain blue backing. Not quite navy, not quite royal, but somewhere in between.

Simple blue backing

Simple blue backing


The binding was pieced and then cheater sewn with a zig-zag stitch. I just wanted it done and since this was for personal use, it did not matter to me that the stitching would show. Plus I think with all the crazy colors in the top and the variegated thread, it worked just fine.

Pieced binding sewn on with zig-zag stitch

Pieced binding sewn on with zig-zag stitch


The binding was finished on a trip to my parent’s ranch in New Mexico and that is now where the Star Quilt lives. It’s nice to have something so bright and colorful in such a muted landscape.

Quilted and bound

10 years in the making, quilted and bound.


Looking back, I am pleased with how quickly the top came together and still love the versatility afforded by the Log Cabin block. Perhaps one of my future projects will incorporate it again, but with the more modern twist.


3 thoughts on “#TBT: Star Quilt

    • Thanks Deb! That picture was taken in New Mexico where it is quite windy and a challenge to photograph hanging quilts outside. I’m glad you like it!


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