Sardinia Saturday Night

What’s a girl to do on a Saturday night when her husband is watching the Costa Rica vs. El Salvador Gold Cup game? Why recreate a QAL pattern and figure out fabric placement!

As mentioned previously, I am considering joining the Yuma QAL by Gotham Quilts.

The design seemed perfect for my collection of Sardinia by Jessica Swift fat quarters; however, I was stuck on exactly how to place them.

Yuma QAL Fabric Selection: Sardinia by Jessica Swift for Blend

Yuma QAL Fabric Selection: Sardinia by Jessica Swift for Blend

Thankfully, the EQ7 tutorial from Meadow Mist Designs saved the day! While I initially tried to recreate the layout using the triangle template Cheryl shows, it did not work. Her tutorial did lead me to discover some other design tools in the software that eventually allowed me to recreate the basic design.

Yuma by Gotha Quilts created in EQ7

Yuma pattern by Gotha Quilts re-created in EQ7

The Yuma pattern by Gotham Quilts is available as a free download here.

I imported fabric swatches and after tweaking the original design placement, I came up with six different options. Of the five, I really only like the following three.

Yuma QAL Placement Option 1

Yuma QAL Placement Option 1

Yuma QAL Placement Option 2

Yuma QAL Placement Option 2

Yuma QAL Placement Option 3

Yuma QAL Placement Option 3

Hopefully after a few days of meditation the winning design will be clear. There is already one option that has started to emerge as my favorite. I will probably start cutting into my fabrics tomorrow and do a basic layout based on blocks similar between the two designs. This will also give a better idea of how the final product will look with the proper scale of the prints.

Any thoughts on which of option might work best?

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11 thoughts on “Sardinia Saturday Night

  1. Number 1 is my pick. At first I wasn’t sure until I looked at them from a little distance , the yellow down the middle was the winner . 🙂


    • I need to print them out and look at them from a distance. It’s hard for me to compare by scrolling on the computer. I’ll have an easier time deciding by looking a them (literally) side by side.


    • To make things even more difficult I am now enlarging the size of the quilt and need to do some **creative** placement to make use of all the fabrics and compensate for those I do not have enough of. So even though I plan, somehow the finished product is never exactly the same!

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  2. Your first line had me hooked , being married to a sports fanatic , this has happens to me quite frequently
    Just popped over from the new bloggers blog hop . Whichever Yuma quilt version you decide I look forward to its progress


    • The only sport my husband is a fanatic about is soccer. I never realized before how many tournaments there are (sometimes even overlapping). Of course, each one is important but I tend to get them mixed up. Hopefully your husband has a few teams that can be kept straight!


  3. J says:

    I never really thought about using any of the programs that help design layouts, but you’ve helped me see the light! I’ll have to look into it. There is such a difference in each of these designs, though subtle! I think I like the first one most. Really like your blog, Hannah


    • Thanks Hannah! Since writing, I talked to the intended recipient of the quilt and learned that they would prefer a queen size. Because I am a people-pleaser (aka sucker) I agreed and have since used EQ7 to add a few rows and extend the width. EQ7 is such a powerful program and I realize my knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg.

      I also discovered that I do not have enough fabrics for the original placement plans. Fortunately I did not start cutting so I am headed back to rework the design yet again.


      • J says:

        I’ve just always scribbled out a pencil drawing – not even coloured pencil! – out on a bit of graph paper. I thought that I was doing pretty good with the fancy graph paper, but now I can really see the benefit of EQ7! Hope you can figure your way through the change of size, good job you didn’t get cutting! phew.


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