Yuma QAL Sardinia Finished Flimsy

I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but that’s only because I’ve been rushing to finish my Yuma QAL top.

I decided to enlarge the original pattern from a 64″ x 64″ to a queen size quilt. Using EQ7 I recreated the design, extended the rows, and added a few additional ones.The finished flimsy comes in at 90″ x 88″.

There have been a few lessons I’ve learned while working on this top.

#1- Measure twice, cut once but read the directions THREE times (or more).  Originally I planned on using a yellow for the top but the fabric I had did not play well with the chartreuse in the prints. After a trip to the local fabric shop (a topic for another post), the only fabric they had that went with my selected (and cut) prints was a mushroom grey-brown solid.

Prints cut and ready to go. Sardinia by Jessica Swift for Blend Fabrics.

Prints cut and ready to go. Sardinia by Jessica Swift for Blend Fabrics.

I did not pay close enough attention to the instructions when it came to cutting background fabric and ended up needing to purchase more of the mushroom solid. At least I have more scraps to play with for the backing.

Scraps to play with for the back

Scraps to play with for the back

#2- Make a plan and stick to it.  There are some fabrics that are not placed in my preferred symmetrical(ish) manner. This is because I made a plan, changed the plan, did not print out said plan, and did not double check the layout on my “design bed”.

Laying out the pieces on my

Laying out the pieces on my “design bed”

#3 Pin, pin, pin. When sewing triangles, it’s important points line up and don’t shift. After this quilt, I am totally seeing the value in the Marti Michelle’s corner trimmers and really want one now. Perhaps something to get when I visit the states in October…

The Good, the bad and the ugly pieced points

The Good, the bad and the ugly pieced points

Overall, I am happy with the finished top and excited to start piecing the back. I have a few ideas and feel free to play since it will be more of a secondary top. As for the quilting, I have a few ideas but need to let them marinate. I will be quilting the whole thing on my domestic Singer and this is by far the largest quilt I will attempt. I need to get my courage up.

Finished Queen Size Yuma Flimsy

Finished Queen Size Yuma Flimsy

Flimsy on a Queen Size Bed

Flimsy on a Queen Size Bed

Before I do all that, I am jumping over to the Meadow Mystery QAL and piecing some no-waste flying geese (a new technique I have been wanting to try).

To end on a positive note, Dora wants to remind everyone to take time and smell the (tropical) flowers.

IsaDora Paulina Gozer Sombra | Chopping Block Quilts

Carrie @ Chopping Block Quilts

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10 thoughts on “Yuma QAL Sardinia Finished Flimsy

  1. I think the pieced top looks really great. I think that the lessons I’ve really learned are the one I had to learn the hard way; sorry you kept bumping into new learning experiences, but I’m guessing they will really inform your next sewing adventures. 🙂


  2. It’s a really classic colour-way, and I think it will be loved for many years. Sometimes we quilters are too hard on ourselves, noone else sees the lopped off points or the upside down prints (or at least I hope not 🙂 ).


  3. dezertsuz says:

    It might not be your original plan, but it’s a lovely quilt, nonetheless. Learning happens on every quilt, even after 5 decades, so don’t beat yourself up because you don’t know everything in the world already. =)


  4. The quilt top looks great! I love the combination of fabrics. I often find it is the unexpected changes that happen when you miscut, mismeasure, or run out of fabric that lead to creative solutions that end up giving the quilt its own personality. My quilts have lots of personality 😉


  5. The quilt looks great. Sewing with triangles is hard. And I think 1/2 of the effort of making a quilt is in reading and/or following the instructions. I definitely read, reread, and reference again as I’m making a quilt. Especially one like this. I’ve quilted a quilt almost this large on my domestic machine. It’s a bit slow going, but I like “doing” the whole thing. PS – cute dog!


    • The pattern is called Yuma and it’s FREE from Gotham Quilts . As I said, I enlarged the design to fit my needs and if you are good at quilty math (I am not), I am sure you can get it to fit whatever project you have in mind.

      Carrie Bawolek CR: +506.8338.2614 USA: +1.480.540.7282

      On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 7:08 PM, Chopping Block Quilts wrote:



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