New Year, New (and old) Projects

About the time I made my last post, my boyfriend Victor proposed. We decided on a VERY short engagement and started planning for a end-of-year wedding.  I also had to return to Arizona for a few weeks to get all of the needed documents for our wedding.

A few highlights from our Costa Rican wedding

A few highlights from our Costa Rican wedding

We got married on December 27 in Santa Ana, Costa Rica (just outside of the capitol, San Jose) and started the new year off as newlyweds.  The wedding was perfect for us. Relaxed and intimate with family, friends, good food and good wine.

Her favorite things: Munching on bones, playing with Palm bark, licking things, a siestas on the couch.

Berna’s favorite things: Munching on bones, playing with palm bark, licking things, and siestas on the couch.

I should also mention we adopted a boxer puppy, Bernadette (aka Berna), during this time as well. She has been awesome and a handful; as the last time I “took care” of a puppy was when I was about 7 years old. Thankfully we move next week from our apartment to a house with a yard  where she will have plenty of space to grow.

So I must apologize  for my absence over the last 2 months, but things have been a bit hectic around here.

That being said, I have been anxious to get back to creating and crafting.  I am horrible at making resolutions like “I will sew, crochet or craft for Xhrs every week”.

Instead I have decided to share with you my list of projects I am aiming to complete in 2015 (in general order of urgency/importance)

VINO wine cork wall-art (2014 UFO)
Spot On” crochet instructions (requested)
What the Hex” quilt (2014 UFO)
Crochet baskets for closet organization
University of Arizona t-shirt quilt (2007 UFO)
Wedding Quilt for cousins (new)
Batik Lone Star Quilt (new)
Quick Curve Ruler Quilt (new)
Christmas Stockings & Tree Skirt (new)

There of course will be other random projects thrown in there (mainly making dog toys for Berna) and planning for an Arizona wedding reception in the Spring.

Here’s to a creative 2015!!


Spot On

It has been awhile since I’ve worked on any quilting. Ironic since this blog is supposed to be about quilting.

Yet another project has been completed, this time a crochet baby blanket.  Back in August when I was visiting AZ, I was anxious to have another crochet project. After telling this to my friend Lindsey, she gave me the perfect project.  Her cousin, had a bit of a rough summer and lost her mother to cancer; but not before finding out that she was pregnant.

Since it was still early in her cousin’s pregnancy, we decided on a gender-neutral color palette. I also wanted to purchase the yarn in AZ where yarn is much less expensive.

Cotton Yarn Selection at Joann's

Cotton Yarn Selection at Joann’s

Design inspiration came from here and here; yet you will see that the final product turned out very different.  This again is due to the fact that I tend to get the basic idea and ignore details (like counting stitches or measuring).

Circles in progress

Circles in progress

Improvisation was the name of the game throughout the creation of this blanket.

Deciding on a layout

Deciding on a layout

While it turned out nothing like I expected it to be, I can’t wait to send this baby blanket to his mom. That’s right. Turn’s out she’s having a BOY!!

Finished Blanket

Finished Blanket



All that remains

All that remains