One little block, So many options.

On Friday I decided I was not happy with the direction of my Farm Fresh baby quilt. I spent the afternoon taking out the little quilting I had done and ripping apart the blocks.


While I thought I had decided on a new design, the half square triangle is such a versatile block. (I must apologize in advance for the dark photos- they were taken at night on my cell phone)


Original Alternative Layout

I laid out a few different arrangements and now can’t decide which I like best.


Alternative #1


Alternative #2


Alternative Layout #3


Alternative Layout #4


Alternative Layout #5


Alternative Layout #6

I am asking for help! What layout do you think is best for a baby boy? My original layout or one of the alternatives?


Back to the Start

“No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back”- Turkish Proverb

I started on my final Farm Fresh baby quilt about 2 weeks ago.  Inspired by this updated chevron design by Shea Henderson of Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio I began making 96 HST with the remaining pieces of Farm Fresh by October Moon for Riley Blake that I had.

Blocks were pieced and trimmed.

First block pieced and trimmed

First block pieced and trimmed

Arranged with the help of my husband.

Initial layout

Initial layout- sorry for the blurry phone picture!

Then sewn together incorrectly.  I thought about ripping it out and fixing it, but then decided to press on thinking it was “design” intervention.  Our newest addition, Dora, seemed to think it was fine.

Dora approved, even if it was sewn together wrong

Dora approved, even if the top was sewn together wrong

After using what batting I had and assembling it into a patchwork (making it work), basting begun.

Patchwork batting

Patchwork batting



One chevron quilted and I was done for the day.

Thinking overnight about it, I decided was not thrilled with the overall look of the top. The color balance, the patchwork look of some chevrons but not all.

Turning back from the wrong path

Turning back from the wrong path

So I am settling in with my seam ripper, Harry Potter, and copious amounts of coffee and taking it all apart and going back practically to the beginning.

I have figured out a much better HST design and will be busy sewing it all back together tomorrow while the hubs is in class.

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#TBT: Farm Fresh Frenzy

Progress has again been slow on my “What the Hex” quilt. I am happy report that I have finally begun quilting the borders; which means I am getting to close to the finish!


Since I have not posted in awhile, I thought another #TBT (Throwback Thursday) post would be nice.

From what I’ve seen on other blogger’s sites, my fabric stash is pretty small. Most of my initial stash was leftover cottons that came from my mother.  One of the first fabric purchases I made myself was of the Farm Fresh by October Afternoon for Riley Blake Designs.


I found these three fat quarter packs of Farm Fresh at my local Tuesday Morning (honestly one of my favorite places to browse for discounted fat quarter packs).

I have since made two baby quilts with the Farm Fresh collection and will soon be starting a third with the scrap remnants I have.

The first quilt I made (and one of my favorites) was for the niece of my friend Lisa, named Olivia.

I used EQ7 to create the pattern and layout, inspired by a baby quilt one of my other friends had made.


The backing was pieced together using the remaining scraps and pale yellow from the front.


Applique is still not my strong suit nor my favorite thing to do; however I decided that Olivia’s name was needed on the quilt back.


The allover floral quilting was done with a multicolor cotton thread on the medium-arm machine and frame at my job.


The second quilt I made from Farm Fresh was for my niece, Emma.  Again I used EQ7 to design the front (which incidentally ended up being the back).


Originally the front, but became the back

For the back, which ended up being the front, I decided to use HST to make a herringbone pattern with 1″ strips between.  The quilting on this baby blanket also used the same multicolor cotton thread.


Originally the back, but became the front


Since I completed this in Costa Rica, the quilting was done on the domestic machine using a walking foot.  I do enjoy how the thread colors pop against the off-white triangles.

Again, I decided to applique the baby’s name, this time using an off-white lace I had in my stash.


The last Farm Fresh baby blanket in queue is for a boy, Maximilano. While I have an idea in my head for this quilt nothing is set until the seams are sewn and pressed.